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Genetone oil for men


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Genetone oil for men in Pakistan

Genetone oil for men in Pakistan, Genetone oil For  Bad effects of masturbation, Weakness after excesses, overindulgence, frequent night emissions, Spermatorrhea, emacia, retraction, flabbiness, relaxation of the part, and sensation of numbness.


Each 1ml contains:

  • Ignatia Ø 4.22% v/v
  • Bellis Per Ø 4.22% v/v
  • Arnica Mont Ø 4.22% v/v
  • Staphisagria Ø 4.22% v/v
  • Cannabis Ind Ø 4.22% v/v
  • Gelsimium Ø 4.22% v/v
  • Terebinthina 0.063% v/v
  • Camphor Off 1DH 8.49% v/v

Drug facts:

Ignatia: After shocks, grief, disappointment.

Bellis Per: Traumatism of the pelvic organs, auto-traumatism, expresses the condition calling for this remedy; ill effects from masturbation.

Arnica Mont: After traumatic injuries, overuse of any organ, strains.

Staphisagria:  Sexual sins and excess. Very sensitive.

Cannabis Ind:  After sexual intercourse, backache. Oozing of white, glairy mucus from glans. Satyriasis. Prolonged thrill. Chordee. Sensation of swelling in perineum or near anus, as if sitting on a ball.

Gelsemum:  Spermatorrhoea, without erections. Genitals cold and relaxed. Scrotum continually sweating. Gonorrhea, first stage; discharge scanty; tendency to corrode; little pain, but much heat; smarting at meatus.

Terebinthina: Aching soreness of the muscles. Ecchymosis.

Camphor Off: Desire increased. Chordea. Priapism. Nightly emissions.


Genetone for men is an external tonic for the weak & debilitated organs as a consequence of venery.

  • Genetone is Indicated in weakness after excessive masturbation (must zani ka ilaj).
  • Helps cure erectile dysfunction
  • Recovers skin thinness & loss of subcutaneous layer beneath the skin.
  • Used for coldness and numbness of the part.
  • Genetone Restores blood supply to the penis

    Genetone oil

    .Presentation: 60ml

Cash on Delivery available across Pakistan

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Genetone oil for men
Genetone oil for men
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