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Hunza Tea Tumroo Good For Weight Loss


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What Is Hunza Tea?

What is Hunza tea? The name speaks for itself, since it is a type of tea grown in Hunza fields. This Tea is very popular in all around Gilgit Baltistan and mostly people used this tea at home. Hunza Tea (Tumroo) has a unique and lovely taste, especially when its leaves are tossed in a blender or added to hot water for a tasty cup of tea.

It is famous for their taste and mostly peoples are used this tea as a medicine. Thousand of people demand this tea and it is famous around the world.

There are quite a few different reasons why this type of tea is very popular among locals and tourists alike. One reason is that it offers a great deal of health benefits. For one, it is a good source of antioxidants. These are known as Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) which is a component of polyphenols. Some of the most common components of this kind of tea include tannin, caffeine, magnesium, sodium, niacin, and inositol. There are many other ingredients, as well, but they are minor when compared to the above-mentioned ingredients.

There are different Prices of Hunza tea in Pakistan. Mostly sellers sell worst, and bad tea and their prices are very high rather then local sellers. Hunza Bazar offers 100% real & fresh tumroo at very Cheap prices with Home Delivery Facilities.  Here are the Tea prices in Pakistan.

Hunza Tea VS Regular Tea

Everything has its own benefits. Regular tea and Hunza tea are the difference between heaven and earth. If you compare it, you will never use regular tea again. Hunza tea (tumroo) is huge in color and its benefits. Using it daily will help eliminate the toxins in your body. We tried to bring all the benefits to you. Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

What are the Health Benefits of Hunza Tea?

Mostly peoples searched on google about what are the health benefits of Hunza Tea (Tumroo), what price of Hunza Tea in Pakistan? We’re trying to share their benefits and share all the details of Hunza tea.

There are many health benefits of this tea. People of Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan mostly used this tea as a medicine because this is very healthy and very unique. While many people are using it to control blood pressure, many people are using it to reduce obesity. It is also used as a healthy food.

  1. Anti-aging:

Hunza people usually use it because it contains many anti-aging, antioxidants, and nutrients which help to give strength to the body. Many people suffer from physical weakness. Using it daily will keep your body and your face fresh.

  1. Weight loss:

Hunza tea has been shown in many trials to reduce body fat and improve physical performance. Hunza tea may help you lose weight and reduce your risk of chronic illnesses. Consider making tumroo tea a part of your daily routine. Drink a cup of tumroo tea first thing in the morning and wait half an hour before eating anything, according to one of the Tumroo shopkeepers.

You’ll burn a lot more calories than you think. It’s no surprise that this beverage has digestive qualities since it’s comparable to green tea. The natives drink at least three cups of Tumroo each day and seem to be in good shape! It has a fantastic flavor.

  1. Good for the diabetic patient:

Hunza tea helps to keep blood sugar levels in check in the body. According to the research, the polyphenols and polysaccharides in tea aid in blood sugar management. As a result, it’s ideal for those with diabetes.

  1. Suppresses the appetite:

Hunza tea may also be used as an appetite reducer. According to the research, after the first week of drinking HUNZA tea, you will notice a reduction in hunger pains.

  1. Boosts immunity:

Jaggery is an excellent source of iron, Hunza tea (tumroo) boosts the body’s immunity and raises hemoglobin levels. The weather in Gilgit-Baltistan is erratic, and it becomes very chilly in the winter. Locals, on the other hand, drink Hunza tea to treat any illness or fever, and it also helps them cope with the severe weather.

Hunza Tea Side Effects

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, Tumroo has its advantages and disadvantages. It does not have many side effects as it is used as an indigenous medicine. But overuse can make you weak. So don’t use it too much without advice. For More Details, please contact our representative.

Tumroo Tea Recipe

Recipes:- For 1 cup of tea:

Cook time:- 10 minutes


  • 2 cup of water
  • 3 mint (Pudina) leaves
  • 2 Basil (Tulsi) leaves
  • 1 small piece of Green Cardamoms (Chhoti Elaichi)
  • 1 small piece of Cinnamon (Dalchini)
  • 5 Gram Ginger
  • 5 Gram Jaggery
  • Lemon Juice optional


  • Take 2 cups of water in a tea-pan and put on medium flame.
  • Add all the herbs and spices to the water.
  • Boil and simmer for about 10 mins.
  • Add Lemon juice and jaggery as per taste.
  • Lemon juice optional.


Hunza tea is a miraculous home-made herbal treatment in the Covid-19 epidemic. Tumroo boosts immunity and helps fight the flu and other infections.

Put an end to the morning tea. Morning tea makes the inside lining of your intestinal walls acidic, which may lead to an acidic stomach, diabetes, arthritis, and other lifestyle illnesses. What can you do to get rid of your tea cravings? – Hunza people live in the Hindu Kush Range in Pakistan’s northwestern corner.

They are often regarded as one of the world’s healthiest civilizations, with people surviving to be 110 years old. Tumroo is the finest tea for the whole family, whether you have a kid or an elderly relative, a guy or a woman!

How to Buy Hunza Tea Online

There are many online Shopping Stores on google and they sell Tumroo at different prices. But Hunza Bazar sells Hunza Best & and 100% Original Desi Tumroo Tea at Very cheap price with FAST Home Delivery Worldwide. Buy Tumroo Tea Online from Hunza Bazar.

Tumuru Tea Packing

1- 150 Gram with packing box

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Hunza Tea Tumroo Good For Weight Loss
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